Pool House by 42mm Architecture

Pool House by 42mm Architecture

Architects: 42mm Architecture
Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India
Year: 2014
Area: 4.500 sqft / 418 sqm
Photo courtesy: Ravi Kanade

Brief was basically an expansion the officially existing house: to oblige a home theater/lounge/pool/changing room/a rec center/and expansion of two suites with dressers and toilets.



We emphatically felt that the new square ought to be a standalone structure supplementing the current building and not repeating the same. We recommended to the customers to return to their brief and to give this annexe obstruct a reviving look that makes it stand separated from its more established structure.


Other reason that strengthened our recommendation The scene of the site, where the property is found, is amazing, lavish green vegetation with tall trees. It was sensible that the outline of the house ought to value that scene every step of the way.


Motivation behind the outline “Rock IN THE GRASS”Response to the connection as far as the current structural planning:- a post present day building built in uncovered cement around 20 years of age. We built another conflicting structure in the same material framework, communicating the movement in time between both the structures.- Building is similar to an item/a figure not bound by any established model or routine development framework. The structure is much the same as a characteristic ring from the scene.


– The pool house is neglecting the green, its roosted, the development framework is shell based so cantilevering the square was not a test, envision the unit to be similar to a cut segment of a channel its so solid in it self because of prestress that minor burdens and strains are irrelevant.


– in principle the building must be an extremely striking proclamation for it to peruse as an item, so we chose to keep it exceptionally particular in its structure and wrap up. The softening of its edges and the tilt were a consequence of attempting to mix this stark protest with the scape (envision a solitary stone in the grass. It looks particular/lovely but then mixes in.


– The focal wooden piece is the life line A/C units/electric boards/can/wash room/capacity for more that 2000 DVD’s/the AV framework/the acoustic divider/this unit is cladded in wooden completed HPL to accomplish the solitary look.


– so as to adjust to the compositional vocabulary the inside outline must be solitary also. The wooden framing shapes a skimming media unit totally disguising every one of the gadgets and screen; this how ever is responded with a bended board on the other side characterizing the seating space with the island bar.


– All the furniture was sourced, it is the thing that we get a kick out of the chance to call inside configuration by collecting ( these are all individual separate pieces with truly no connection what so ever with one another as far as outline or shading or material, kept together to make an “entire” it feels like that they all have a place together. )


Execution challenges-The whole building is a sample of moderation, each undesirable thing is either covered/inserted or imperceptible:- This required great Detailing at a main level :

– Designing covering to hold a slanted RCC divider weighing 8.5 Tons: we made an appropriate unit like a 3D edge to hold the heaviness of cement.- Getting reasonable confronted solid sufficient to have the capacity to handle cleaning on the floor.


– Designing wooden casings in a bended area with wooden entryways encompassed by glass on all sides: this was a test where we built up an unsupported wooden door jamb.


– The can is done in solitary in-situ terrazzo, we needed to get bricklayers from eastern UP who take a shot at doubly bended terrazzo surfaces.


Its an all solid shell development, no pillars, no sections only a wrapping shell in cement. The floor is the same cement cleaned. It has no mortar/paint/waterproofing or completing render. The insides an exposed with only a solitary square cladded in wood inside and remotely lodging a can and a wash room. The can is done in terrazzo cast in-situ, the solid utilized is a planned blend without and fake colors and enhancers we needed the solid to breathe and weather naturally.

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