Kloof 151 by SAOTA and ARRCC

Kloof 151 by SAOTA and ARRCC

Architects: SAOTA and ARRCC
Location: Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa
Photos: courtesy of SAOTA

The owner’s brief was for a family home with a visitor and a ‘work-from-home’ wing spread more than two levels. The house was not just to appreciate the sensational perspectives of the Clifton shorelines, additionally to connect with the normal fynbos on the slants of Lion’s Head toward the North.


The house is a 3 story building with building stopping. The expansive access to the storm cellar takes into consideration direct daylight and an agreeably warm access to the house. At the ground floor, the principle family room appreciates an incredible position sitting above Clifton. Most of the living levels – including the open arrangement kitchen – open onto the expansive very much secured porches toward the West or North confronting the mountain incline and Lion’s Head.

Kloof 151 by SAOTA and Antoni Associates
Kloof 151 by SAOTA and ARRCC

The amazing warmth and glare of the setting sun is tended to by the cantilevering overhangs, amplified unpredictable and striking hardwood screens and mechanized vertical fabric blinds. These gadgets alongside the execution coating result in a lasting through the year cool inside.


The porches are encompassed to the most part with either planting beds that have been planted with indigenous vegetation to resound the neighboring nature hold and to minimize the utilization for extra watering system. On the North Western corner of the site, an edge stream pool is arranged that makes a mless association with the sea.


The ground floor is separated by a twofold volume to enhance the spatial experience and make a dialog with the twofold volume stairwell towards the back. A more close second parlor and outside porch has been made which watches out onto the thick normal fynbos of the Table Mountain Nature Reserve. The completions are distinctively spotless and basic and incorporate normal and vigorous completions, for example, wide board Walnut floors, off-shade solid soffits and in addition unpolished extensive porcelain floor tiles. This additionally permits components, for example, the transported in kitchen and the stone clad chimney to stand out from the less refined components.


The main floor of the house obliges 4 en-suite rooms, an exercise center and a studio space. To lessen the impact of glare experienced at the house, the completions palette is rich and in profound hues. The rooms are by and large lighter and contemporary with accents of exemplary bits of furniture and a crisp fabric choice that make quiet spaces. Frameless glass balustrades are utilized to the stairwell to build the feeling of openness and straightforwardness in the stairwell.

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