Strathmoor House by WA Design

Strathmoor House by WA Design

Architects: WA Design
Location: Berkeley, California, USA
Photos: WA Design

The Strathmoor House is situated on a tenderly inclined package in the zone crushed by the 1991 Oakland firestorm. When we started the configuration process in 1996, the territory was just in part reconstructed and stayed studded with scorched remainders of houses and arranging. Our configuration expected to react to impacts from the couple of prompt neighbors who had modified and additionally the propelling redevelopment of the territory.


The amplified road facade of the shallow site left the building territory especially presented to the clamor and perspective of passing vehicles and people on foot on the tough side. The beginning configuration criteria required protection from the road and regard for the western perspectives of the San Francisco Bay. To set up security we presented a bended shell divider, clad with bond board boards, that adjusts to the road edge and introduces a murky textural surface.


The shell divider is an investigation of deliberately directed straightforwardness, both acoustic and visual, with insignificant windows set on the module of the concrete boards. The passage gets through the divider, again a study in straightforwardness with a blend of clear and translucent glass set in a steel outline. Above and behind this divider are two vaulted metal rooflines that allude to a sensational inside volume. This is a home that has its back to the road; a hazy shell that, when opened, uncovers an astonishment of volume and straightforwardness.


The passage grouping hazy spots the refinement in the middle of inside and out. Unpleasant bond mortar dividers stretch out inside to wind up the dividers of the passage volume. Imagined as a space between the structures, similar to an outside court, the passage volume composes the move through the home. The experience of this “outside space” is upgraded and fortified by building components that address the space with crude completions run of the mill of building outsides. Unpleasant bond mortar, metal siding, recolored solid floors, and excited stairs all give a mless move from the streetside section through to the perspective side of the home and a two-story window divider opening to the greenhouse.


Confronting south, this window divider sparkles light into the encompassing spaces and significantly opens perspectives to the San Francisco Bay. We tied the second-story living territory to the ground floor and garden with an amazing staircase that drops from the upper yard. Creating strain, even vertigo, dissemination between the kitchen and open air yard is compelled to a tight metal scaffold of punctured steel. This scaffold gives an uncommon, suspended perspective over into the center of this slope home.

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