Mill Valley House by CCS Architecture

Mill Valley House by CCS Architecture

Architects: CCS Architecture
Location: Marin, California, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 5,000 sqft
Price: $3.4 million
Photo courtesy: CCS Architecture

This 5,000-square-foot house in Mill Valley was planned as a home for a void nester couple. The site was the motivation and the controlling component for the structural planning: limitless perspectives of Mt. Tamalpais, close associations with forests of redwood trees, and a lofty grade. Given its area, going up the slope and crushed between redwoods, the house is stratified into three levels. The lower floor is incorporated with the slope, while the upper two are interested in light and perspectives.


The principal floor incorporates the carport, section, painting studio, exhibition, and visitor quarters. The section is a two-story space with a staircase paving the way to the second floor—the principle living level- – which join with the outside with perspectives in numerous headings. This twofold tallness space, the spatial center of the house, has a vast straight of windows concentrated on a forest of redwood trees only 10 feet away. The top floor contains two rooms, a home office, and an inclined scaffold that prompts an upper yard and pool.


Common copper is the essential outside material, wrapping the second floor of the house to underline the principle’s area living spaces. Dividers underneath the second level are uncovered cement; those above are concrete mortar. The inside brings out the sentiment a display in the nation, with white dividers, territories of glass, and wide-board oak floor.

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