Lollipop House by Moon Hoon

Lollipop House by Moon Hoon

Architects: Moon Hoon
Location: Giheung-Gu, South Korea
Year: 2012
Area: 1,100 sqft
Photo courtesy: Namgoong Sun

A youthful couple with a wonderful little girl went by my office one day. They needed an one of a kind house. Something that they have not seen. We discussed a house that is made of vast steps that continues rising. We additionally investigated spirals. Every one of these discussions ceased abruptly when we understood that the customer had a tight spending plan.


The starting thought of house with steps transformed into a down to earth rendition of skip floor design, with a little chamber in the center. The half storm cellar is utilized as a study took after by family room ,kitchen and dinning, expert bed, kid’s room, loft for the youngster, and upper room AV room. The customer was extremely glad when the configuration was done.


They had a seven story building (half floor contrast). Definitely, the house had dynamic quality, similar to that of a monster stairwell. The huge void in the center emphasizd it much further. The spiraling vitality made inside was a motivation for the outside. The twirling vitality was interpreted into a level measurement, along these lines the moniker candy house was conceived…

Lollipop-House-03 Lollipop-House-04-1 Lollipop-House-04 Lollipop-House-05-1 Lollipop-House-05 Lollipop-House-06 Lollipop-House-07 Lollipop-House-08 Lollipop-House-09-1 Lollipop-House-10-1 Lollipop-House-10-2 Lollipop-House-10-3 Lollipop-House-10 Lollipop-House-11-1 Lollipop-House-11-2 Lollipop-House-11 Lollipop-House-15-1 Lollipop-House-15-2 Lollipop-House-15 Lollipop-House-16 Lollipop-House-17 Lollipop-House-18 Lollipop-House-20 Lollipop-House-21 Lollipop-House-22 Lollipop-House-23 Lollipop-House-24-1 Lollipop-House-24 Lollipop-House-25 Lollipop-House-26 Lollipop-House-27 Lollipop-House-28 Lollipop-House-29

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