M house by RS+ Robert Skitek

M house by RS+ Robert Skitek

Architects: RS+ Robert Skitek
Location: Tychy, Silesia, Poland
Year: 2011
Area: 4,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Tomasz Zakrzewski

The house is situated in the region of isolates houses, among the turbulent and changed building which is a run of the mill for the lion’s share of contemporary Polish rural areas.


The customer’s solicitation was a home – the utility system has a living range a private night territory and isolated space which serves as a bureau and an extra room. Later on it can be a space for senior. The issue was joined with the area houses which observe in the site. The Investor has needed to have a not withdrawn house with opening towards the patio nursery. The arrangement was to make the vital porch which is lee from three sides. Along these lines it turned into a private space for investing free energy with companions amid warm months.


The house’s structure comprise of the ground floor territory and the two little segments which are arranged above it. The pieces are secured by penthouse rooftops which have inverse slants. In one of them there is a little space and the another is a top a portion of the family room. Of the south-western site later on there will be the shallow lake being supplement of the porches and pergolas creation.


Entering the building we happen in the focal point of the living region, between the parlor and the kitchen (with perspective of the site’s passage) and the lounge area. The greater part of the rooms are opened on the aforementioned porch. Behind the lounge room there is a tenant’s private range with rooms and bathrooms. Behind the kitchen there is a zone for visitors with an isolated washroom. A division of the space along these lines gives a possibility for making a level for old individual with an individual enter. On the north side there is a carport for two autos and a specialized rooms.


The arrangements were great choice and the patio genuinely turned into a genuine heart of the home, frequently utilized by inhabitants.

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