Seatoun Heights House by Parsonson Architects

Seatoun Heights House by Parsonson Architects

Architects: Parsonson Architects
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Year: 2013
Photos: Paul McCredie

The house sits on a precarious site above Seatoun statures Road subdivided off the property straightforwardly toward the north. It was intended for a couple with 2 young ladies and to fit completely inside of the WCC District Plan building envelope. The proprietors were pulled in to the site due to the perspectives and the considered being encompassed by the current vegetation.


Our answer was to unearth the room level over into the slope and consider it in a quietly natural manner, winding over the site, bulging in and out, permitting in light and perspectives and giving varying characters to each of the rooms. The room level is clad in dull vertical layered iron, which outwardly grapples the structure into the site and is planned to add to an association with the built up trees.

seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court5It is dealt with as a platform or base to the lighter type of the living level above, which streams over the room level and wraps around a current little level territory of yard and greenhouse toward the northwest of the house. The floor level strides down towards the perspective and perspectives are accessible from the yard through the house and out to the harbor past.

seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court6The house has a lift movement between the carport and room levels (with no lift stage introduced so far) as a system to future confirmation the structures esteem. After much thought it was believed that by building a place of this size and cost well over the street there stood a superior possibility of not over including so as to promote a lift.

seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court7seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court8seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court10 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court16 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court21 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court22 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court23 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court24 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court25 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court27 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court28 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court29 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court30 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court32 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court34 seatoun-heights-house-parsonson-architects_court36


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