14 Tips for Decorating with Antique Rugs

14 Tips for Decorating with Antique Rugs

There’s no doubt that antique rugs can completely transform the way a room looks. They match almost every design scheme and pair well with home accessories of different sizes, patterns, and colors effortlessly.

If you want to become an owner of a gorgeous rug, the best place to find one is at an antique rug auction.  And if you have no idea how to incorporate it in your home, just know that you have a real treasure in your hands. It’s really hard to go wrong with antique rugs because they never go out of style!

We’re offering 14 tips that will help you transform your home into a chic and cozy getaway where you can read, entertain guests, or just relax after a long day.

  • 1 See If the Rug Fits in the Room

The first thing you need to do is measure the room where the rug will be used. It is important that the rug fits, otherwise, the whole room will look unbalanced. Subtract about two to three feet from the room’s length and width to get the ideal rug dimensions.

  • 2 Place the Antique Rug in Your Living Room

Even if you already have a carpet in the living room, you can still place a Persian or Oriental rug on top of it. It can act as an accessory that refreshes the room, or it can be used to strategically mask worn-out areas or stains on the carpet. Just make sure that the rug’s color complements the color of the carpet.

  • 3 Use Rug Paths in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Place several rectangular rugs next to each other to create a path. This looks best in the bathroom and the kitchen.

  • 4 Place the Antique Rug Under the Dining Table

If you want to place your antique rug under the dining table, you need to pay attention to proportion. The rug needs to be two feet longer than the table on each side. If the rug is shorter, use a carpet that long under the rug. Besides providing an aesthetical effect, this also allows the chairs to be pulled out without interference.

Note: Rugs can get easily damaged by heavy furniture like dining tables and chairs. The best way to protect the rug is to use furniture coasters.

  • 5 Place the Antique Rug in Your Hallway

What better place to show off your antique rug that the hallway? Not only is this a great way to welcome your guests, but it also adds extra style and color into the hallway. Choose a smaller Oriental or Persian rug with dimensions 4’x 6’or 3’x5’. Rugs with these dimensions can also be placed in front of your closet or next to your bed.

  • 6 Combine Antique Rugs with Modern Design

Did you think that vintage stuff doesn’t belong in a contemporary space? Well, think again. Modern design styles often use vintage pieces, so placing an antique rug in a modern room is a great way to blend the old and the new. Not to mention that the presence of an antique rug in a modern room can be an awesome statement of genuineness, especially if the rug’s color matches the color palette of the room.

  • 7 Combining an Antique Rug with Patterned Upholstery or Wallpaper

If your room has patterned upholstery or wallpaper, the use of a subtle and soft antique rug is the best way to harmonize it. However, if your rug has a bold pattern, make sure the walls and furniture in the room are subtle in order to keep the room balanced.

  • 8 Matching the Furniture with the Rug

If you’ve bought the rug prior to furnishing the room, consider using the same colors for the furniture. For instance, combine beige furniture with a beige-colored rug.

If your rug has a more eye-catching color, avoid using massive furniture pieces in the same color and instead use smaller items in that color, such as a coffee table, decorative items and accessories, or a single armchair. The walls and bigger pieces of furniture should be in neutral colors in order to avoid overwhelming the space.

Another way to balance an eye-catching rug is to use the same color on everything else – the walls, furniture, and decorative items. In this way, the rug will be a focal point in the room and attract attention, but it will also be well blended and won’t radiate too boldly.

  • 9 Keep a Consistent Color Motif

When placing the rug in a space, make sure its color matches the furniture, walls, and/or accessories in order to ensure a consistent visual effect. For instance, if your rug has red and beige hues, there should be a piece of art or a few cushions in the same colors in the room.

  • 10 Use Antique Rugs to Join Rooms Together

Rugs that have different yet complementary patterns can be a great way to join rooms together. For instance, an Oriental or Persian rug strategically placed under the dining table can easily fill the void between the living room and the dining room, while making them look great at the same time.

  • 11 Where to Use Patterned Rugs

If you have a patterned rug, consider placing it in a heavily-trafficked area. The pattern will make the damages less visible.

  • 12 Put the Rug on the Wall

If you like your antique rug so much, why don’t you display it on the wall? For real! Rugs don’t have to be used only on floors. Hang it on the wall and it will become a beautiful piece of art.

  • 13 Place Your Antique Rug at an Angle

Placing your antique rug at an angle is a great way to make a statement, but also to make the room look deeper.

  • 14 Get Inspired by Bohemian Décor

The visuals and vibe of Persian and Oriental rugs are perfect for spaces designed in Bohemian style. Just imagine a blue and red rug with a striking pattern placed right next to a bedspread with floral print.

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