3 Easy Steps to Post Construction Cleaning

3 Easy Steps to Post Construction Cleaning

A newly constructed or renovated home comes with a lot of joy. You obviously can’t wait to move in and spend hours in your new big bathroom. Not so fast, though, such a house is not always glitz and glam. It’s usually filled with leftover construction materials, spill over paint, dust, empty paint cans, used brushes and broken glass among other things. You will need to clean up thoroughly before moving in.

Below are three simple steps to follow when cleaning up after construction;

Debris collection

Sweeping or brushing may be difficult when you’re dealing with a large pile of dirt. You might want to collect the construction debris first and gather it in one central place. Start from the inner part of the house and proceed to the outdoor area. Bear in mind that while collecting debris, you may come across useful leftover construction materials. Sort your debris by separating the “chaff from the wheat”. Flooring tiles, wall panels, paint, wood, ceiling boards and wall trims are some of the materials you’re likely to come across while cleaning. Such can be used when renovating the home or construction smaller outdoor rooms in the future. Store them safely and proceed to get rid of the useless debris. Note that certain construction materials like nails, broken glass and pieces of metal can be hazardous. It is therefore important to engage professionals right from the onset. Professional builders clean using tools and tactics that can get rid of all the debris and dirt without causing injuries or damaging the delicate wall and floor finishes. They also work in teams and may, therefore, speed up the cleaning process. If you’re too busy, short-handed or you need to move in fast, then you should consider hiring professionals.

Deep cleaning

Once the large pieces of dirt are out of the way, it’s time for serious scrubbing and brushing. This step will give your home a refreshing look. Deep cleaning entails dusting the home, cleaning door and window frames, scraping off paint spills, clearing excess window adhesive, wiping cabinets and scrubbing floors. At this point, you will need popular cleaning supplies like dust feathers, wiping cloths, detergent, vacuum cleaner, brushes and scrubbers. You will also need all the help you can get, especially if you’re dealing with a big house, Start by cleaning the inner rooms and top cabinets. Also, keep the windows closed and wear dust masks. Wind gushing in through open windows can blow dust back into the house, making your work tedious.

Touch-up cleaning

Finally, your house is beginning to look like a home but it’s not yet time to move in. This final step will give your home an extra oomph. You will need cleaning supplies meant to add sheen to glass, tiles and sinks as well as dry mops and wiping cloths. Do not start this final cleaning step immediately after the second step. Allow the dust to settle first. Note that new houses tend to have a distinct smell caused by paint, adhesives and other new construction materials, Therefore, keep the windows open (during the day) after the second cleanup exercise to ensure fresh air circulates throughout the house. This may cause dust to build up in the cabinets and on the walls and windows, hence the need to clean up a third time.

Cleaning up after construction is an essential exercise which can improve your stay in a new home. It is during this exercise that you’ll notice areas which need reconstruction or touch up paint. Besides, a clean home is healthier and safer for you and your family members. If you’re too busy to clean up, engage the services of experts.

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