Apartment 99 in Lviv by Formaline

Apartment 99 in Lviv by Formaline

Architects: Formaline
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Area: 538 sqft / 50 sqm
Photo courtesy: Michail Melnichenko​

Little condo for youthful couple situated in Lviv on the tenth floor on only 50 m2 (538 ft2). The fundamental client’s prerequisite was to coordinate amazing perspective on the city into the inside, since it is the principle point of preference of its area. Among other client’s wishes were: private resting zone, storage room, a great deal of light and space.


Truth be told not a major spending plan urged to make open, basic, clear inside, in limited hues not over-burden with points of interest. Not bearing dividers permitted fundamentally enhance arranging and give separate volumes: room, washroom and open space that consolidated lobby, kitchen and lounge. The main components of zoning were suspended feasting table and ground surface material.


Inside supplemented by outline components of Formaline studio (ceiling fixture, materials).

Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-03 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-04 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-05 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-06 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-07 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-08 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-09 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-10 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-11 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-12 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-13 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-14 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-15 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-16 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-17 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-18 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-19 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-20 Apartment-99-in-Lviv-by-Formaline-21

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