Bunny Run Residence by BF Homes

Bunny Run Residence by BF Homes

Architects: BF Homes
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 5,000 sqft / 465 sqm
Photo courtesy: Casey Dunn

The Bunny Run Residence is situated to exploit the unforeseen greenbelt and stunning perspectives offered at the back of the property. A two-story mass builds up an autonomous association with the site. The section court, fixated on a stand of live oaks, decides the home’s open vicinity in a confident, yet delicate, infusion of advancement to the range. By complexity, a private yard in the back, where the neighboring homes vanish from perspective, makes a peaceful refuge.

Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-01 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-02 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-03 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-04 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-05 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-06 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-07 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-08 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-09 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-10 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-11 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-12 Bunny-Run-Residence-by-BF-Homes-13

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