Poliform Showroom Paris by Bestetti Associati Studio

Poliform Showroom Paris by Bestetti Associati Studio

Location: Paris, France
Year: 2010
Area: 4,844 sqft
Photo courtesy: Bestetti Associati Studio

Poliform|Varenna celebrates with Silvera a new and important flagshipstore in rue du Bac in Paris, giving evidence to the consolidated roots of the brand and the important collaboration with the distributor. The loft of 450 m2 (4,844 ft2) on 3 levels designed by Poliform Project Department in collaboration with Studio Bestetti Associati.


The shop is located into the scenographic and ancient Customs Palace, lately renovated and goes back to the 900. Poliform| suggest a new presentation of the proposals with a transversal point of view. Into the new showroom they have the possibility to be supported with a different kind of solutions that admit the realization of complete custom projects.


The two brands are together the synthesis of the contemporary my life in which everybody could found their own lifestyle.

Poliform-Showroom-Paris-03 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-04 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-05 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-06 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-07 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-08 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-09 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-10 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-11 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-12 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-13 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-14 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-15 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-16 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-17 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-18 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-19 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-20 Poliform-Showroom-Paris-21

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