Weave House by A-cero

Weave House by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: Spain
Year: 2014
Area: 10,764 sqft
Photo courtesy: Marcos Domingo Sánchez

This house has been planned the unmistakable style of the studio oversaw by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares modelers, as per the configuration the development late years with more crooked and natural lines, this single-family house undertaking is situated in a selective neighborhood of the Spanish coast.


The property of 1000 sqm (10,764 sqft) is isolated into three stories. The cellar with the carport, administration ranges and offices, the ground floor with people in general regions and the first floor where we locate the most private rooms, for example, rooms. The entire inside additionally outlined by A-cero has extraordinary light with extensive windows and is associated with the outside with diverse patios and yards. There is additionally a pool on the walkable top of this house.


The outline proposed by A-cero gives quality and nuance to the entire building. The four exteriors are distinctive however they take after the same examples as far as configuration. The materials picked for this situation are dark glass and white DuPont Corian. Both materials emerge for their top notch and strength and particularly on account of Corian, adjusting superbly to this specific configuration.


This is an excellent house and the outline demonstrates to it consummately independent from anyone else. In this house get to be essential the sculptural volumes grasping the building, the development points of interest in the middle of Corian and glass planes and the immense versatility of the veneers.


The extensive plot of this venture is situated in a hoisted position and neglecting the Mediterranean Sea. The nitty gritty finishing was additionally outlined by A-cero in connection with the project.

Weave-House-05 Weave-House-06 Weave-House-07 Weave-House-08 Weave-House-09 Weave-House-10 Weave-House-11 Weave-House-12 Weave-House-13 Weave-House-14 Weave-House-15 Weave-House-16 Weave-House-17 Weave-House-18 Weave-House-19 Weave-House-20 Weave-House-21

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