Farm experience designed to form the centre piece of a remote, symmetrical and thundering surf beach

Farm experience designed to form the centre piece of a remote, symmetrical and thundering surf beach

Architects: Pattersons
Location: Banks Peninsula, Canterbury, New Zealand
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Stephen Goodenough , Greg McKenzie , Simon Devitt

“This is a robust structure, designed to form the centre piece of a remote, symmetrical and thundering surf beach. It is sited on one of New Zealand’s iconic coastal sheep and cattle stations and is intended as a farm experience for family groups up to 12 people.


It is accessed by helicopter from Christchurch Airport or by farm track. It was commissioned by an expatriate New Zealand owner as a base from the where multiple farm and coastal activities can be discovered enjoyed and recovered.


A vernacular verandahed form belies its massive scale, the apex height is at 5.5 metre and its knee at 3.4 metre in a fully macrocarpa interior, traditionally detailed juxtaposed against black steel fittings. At the centre of the house is a stone fireplace, constructed from rock quarried from the station. The project incorporates mainly custom designed fittings, door hardware, furniture and lighting, oak grills and handles.


The building shuts down during storms or when unoccupied and when opened sets up both seaward and leeward exterior environments. It is conceived of as a piece of slowly aging farm driftwood, in the future stock might come right up to the building.”

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