Located on the a granite knob 30′ above a lily pond the house overlooks the Atlantic Ocean to the south

Located on the a granite knob 30′ above a lily pond the house overlooks the Atlantic Ocean to the south

Architects: Theodore + Theodore Architects
Location: Biddeford, Maine, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 1.507 ft²/ 140 m²
Photo courtesy: Trent Bell

“Located on the a granite knob 30′ above a lily pond the house overlooks the Atlantic Ocean to the south. It is an optimal orientation that combines water views with a positive solar aspect.


The house replaced an existing structure lived in by the current owners for the past 25 years. They were committed to building a low impact house which relies less on fossil fuel and produces most of it’s own power via a 7kw solar array.


The three main cubic volumes are clad in white cedar boards and zinc panels which will all weather to a silver gray further connecting the building to the site of granite ledges and native ground cover, shrubs and trees. The construction techniques include a high performance building envelop and triple glazed windows.


The plan is very compact and organized around a series of split-levels. This allows the house to both hug the ledge and provide a series of high outlooks while reducing the overall height and mass of the house. A series of flat roofs provides an upper terrace and platforms for the solar PV panel system.


The cantilevered sunscreens extend the boundaries of the building envelop and provide a branch like quality to the facade.


The contemplative mood of the site is reflected in the limited palette of materials on the inside. Exposed concrete floors, unpainted plaster walls, natural wood and blacked steel all contribute to the serenity of the house. Natural light suffuses every room.


The main living spaces have multiple orientations that celebrates the changing light during the course of the day.”

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