G3 House by LAMA Arhitectura

G3 House by LAMA Arhitectura

Architects: LAMA Arhitectura
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Year: 2015
Area: 1,938 sqft / 180 sqm
Photo courtesy: Radu Malașincu

This present venture’s configuration topic was the union and development of a current house. The site for the undertaking is situated in Otopeni city, neighboring Bucharest. It comprises of a liberal plot on which an old 100 sqm house was found. The house had a cellar, ground floor, first floor and upper room.


The center of this venture is the current reinterpretation of the conventional pitched rooftop house, hence making a dialog between the two volumes, in the middle of over a wide span of time. The initial step was to draw out the old house, having it’s character saved. The expansion is reinterpreted fit as a fiddle, similar to a solid origami appended to the old house. Looking for a visual and spatial dialog between the two volumes, solidarity was looked for.


The aditional volume was planned as to contain a vaporous livingroom zone, whilst the first house would fuse the remaning neccesary spaces for a family home. The two volumes were set on an extensive wooden deck, with a specific end goal to make progression. An extention of the wooden deck additionally has the pool, the porch and a vast jardiniere. The joining point between the two volumes denote the passageway. One is guided by the insurance of the solid overhang took after by the trail of daylight from the sky facing window, towards the inner parts of the house.


The storm cellar has a basement and the utility room. The ground floor comprises of the livingroom with its halfway secured patio in the extention range, togheter with the kitchen, dinning room, parlor, closet and a washroom, contained by the first house volume. The front room is a dynamic, high roof space, with clear, engaged perspectives towards the outside. The first building had a space change, where one can locate the main room with a dressing region and lavatory, a visitor room and the kids’ room. From inside the youngsters’ room, through a step, a different range utilized as a den can be accesed. This is situated on top of the washroom.


For the outside configuration, the accompanying materials were utilized: dark collapsed metal sheets for the rooftop, uncovered solid, wood and recouped tiles from the first rooftop, used to enhance an outer divider. For the inside outline, the primary utilized materials were: uncovered solid, assurance mortar, wooden pillars recuperated from the first building, silver travertine plates and oak floors.

G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-05 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-06 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-07 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-08 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-09 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-10 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-11 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-12 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-13 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-14 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-15 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-16 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-17 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-18 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-19 G3-House-by-LAMA-Arhitectura-20

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