West Seattle Residence by Lawrence Architecture

West Seattle Residence by Lawrence Architecture

Architects: Lawrence Architecture
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Year: 2009
Area: 3,800 sqft
Photo courtesy: Benjamin Benschneider

A current house on perspective property with 3,800 SF of living space and a 925 SF confined carport. Essential materials incorporate solid, steel, and glass. A solid divider up to twenty-four feet high composes the site and the house: the carport, section and administration spaces are in the city side of the divider, while giving security to the fundamental living space which is a blind divider encased structure.


The divider is additionally the sorting out component for the flow incorporating the stairs with cantilevered steel treads. Upheld on steel edges and triangular steel trusses, the rooftop swoops over the solid divider topping the structure.


Eight by sixteen foot areas of the drapery divider turn for ventilation. The stair has demountable guardrails which are typically set up however were evacuated for the photos. The main room is in a space over the kitchen, while a family room, media room, youngsters’ rooms and bathrooms involve the light storm cellar level. There is extra living space over the carport available by means of stair or future lift.



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