Toda House by Kimihiko Okada

Toda House by Kimihiko Okada

Architects: Kimihiko Okada
Location: Hiroshima, Chugoku, Honshu, Japan
Year: 2011
Area: 1,230 sqft
Photo courtesy: Toshiyuki Yano

The site is situated in a neighborhood created on a tender roost in Hiroshima, ignoring a far perspective of the Inland Sea and Miyajima. The place that is known for this territory is produced into stages structure with a few levels. The building design was asked for to have a perspective over the top of the neighboring house, standing one level lower, and to consider security, for the site is situated at the edge of the local location, and to abandon some space for augmentation when the customer opens a little shop later on.


To react to the solicitations, the house is lifted starting from the earliest stage. Like a flying creature’s home, it rang construction modeling’s essential capacity of alleviation from unsettling influence. The house is interested in the perspective but shielded from the trepidation and environment. Chunk and rooftop comprises of one persistent plate. The varieties of course and assorted spatial relations were accomplished by putting an infiltrating staircase. The developed plate made conceivable the future augmentation and diminished the impression starting from the earliest stage. Spandrel divider changes its tallness as needs be to the thickness of section. Together with the section, the spandrel divider makes the ceaseless however different situations.

Toda-House-01 Toda-House-03 Toda-House-04 Toda-House-05 Toda-House-06-1 Toda-House-06-2 Toda-House-06-3 Toda-House-06 Toda-House-07 Toda-House-08 Toda-House-09-1 Toda-House-09 Toda-House-10-1 Toda-House-10 Toda-House-11 Toda-House-12-1 Toda-House-12-2 Toda-House-12 Toda-House-14-1 Toda-House-14 Toda-House-17-1 Toda-House-17-2 Toda-House-17 Toda-House-18-1 Toda-House-18-2 Toda-House-19 Toda-House-20 Toda-House-22 Toda-House-23 Toda-House-24 Toda-House-25-1 Toda-House-36 Toda-House-37 Toda-House-38-1 Toda-House-41 Toda-House-43 Toda-House-44 Toda-House-45

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