Wooden Small House by Maryann Thompson Architects

Wooden Small House by Maryann Thompson Architects

Architects: Maryann Thompson Architects
Location: Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Year: 2007
Area: 750 sqft
Photo courtesy: Craig Okerstrom-Lang (#1), Nathan Eikelberg

Considered as an unobtrusive one-room lodge, the house packs a kitchen, living, eating ranges and two dozing nooks into only 750-sf; a 500-sf screened patio and resting space make a thick limit in the middle of all around. Twofold French entryways associate the house to the yard. At the point when flung open, the whole house tackles the nature of the screened yard, with dappled light spilling in and breezes suffusing the inside.


Wrapped in Western Red Cedar all around, the structure appears to subside into the scene. All things considered, the house dialogs consciously with the scene. On the inside, the cedar outlines and strengthens the forest setting.


Little House was one of the first in Great Barrington to be intended to consent to the Berkshire Scenic Mountain Act, which requires that a house not look over the ridgeline, that tree-slicing be constrained to ¼-section of land, and that waste avert both flooding and disintegration of the site. Accordingly, Small House tucks into the slope side, settling underneath the tree shade with its roofline taking after the incline of the mountain to copy regular seepage designs.


The house additionally consolidates such realistic manageable techniques as brilliant basic chunk, which expands open doors for latent sun based increase through the wide spreads of glass on the south and east rises. Regular cooling is accomplished with the stack impact through operable sky facing windows and roof fans. The house uses an exceptionally productive remote-worked mechanical framework so that the property holders can screen and change it from a distance.

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