Cool and Fresh Ways to Hang Plants Indoors

Freshen Your House Decor with These Cool Ways to Hang Plants

Whether you’re a seasoned plant lover with an overflowing collection or a plant newbie just looking for a fun new way to decorate, the solution is the same: hanging planters. “I think people look at plants and think, oh, it has to be in a pot on the ground, but there are so many different ways to use them in your home,” says Mandi Gubler, designer and “fearless DIYer” from Vintage Revivals and plant expert from Happy Happy Houseplant. Gubler combines her two loves—DIY and plants—to bring some fab new ideas to the plant-hanging game.

Minimalist Hanging Hoop Planter

This hoop planter is such a fun balance: half-art, half planter. “This one is so inexpensive and easy to do,” says Gubler. “You can spray paint it, you can make it any color. And if you grouped them together in different sizes, it’s so visually impactful.”

Boho Beaded Hanging Planter

What a good way to use your Christmas decorations year-round! Gubler fell in love with the wooden garland beads from the Magnolia holiday collection at Target and used some embroidery hoops to repurpose those decorations as plant hangers. “You don’t have to have any tools for this one. If you can count beads on a string, you can make this planter,” she says.

Trellis Shelf

Not sure what to do with a blank wall in your home? Gubler suggests thinking beyond art. “It’s so easy to fill a wall with art, but there’s just a completely different energy when you fill the space with plants,” she says.

For this trellis shelf, she cut the boards to fill the wall, painted some inexpensive plastic planters, added the leather straps, and… wow. You can get the scoop on the full DIY process for this stunning project here.

Propagation Tube Wall

This is the wall that made me fall in love with Mandi’s design style. It’s so breathtaking in person,  it might make you want to start propagating plants even if you’ve never had an interest in doing so before.

Hearing Gubler talk about these tubes brought out her passion for plants and made me excited to take more risks in my own plant collection, because the payoff is so rewarding. “Watching a plant root and actually being able to see the root-that is so beautiful and 100% should be on display,” says Gubler.

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