Cloakroom Ideas for Small Spaces in the Bathroom

Cloakroom Ideas for Small Spaces in the Bathroom

When it comes to designing a small room there is often a misconception that they will take less time and planning. However, it’s the complete opposite. Smaller rooms are in fact much more challenging to plan due to the limited space.

Small bathroom space constraints mean that designers have to be much more meticulous in how they assess the materials to use, decorative aspects to implement etc.

So if you’re planning on creating a cloakroom suite please bare in mind the difficulties that come with it. Here’s some ideas to make your planning go much smoother:


Establish Small Cloakroom Theme Ideas

One of the most critical parts of the process is establishing a theme. You need to think carefully about the space constraints and what designs are the least space intensive. Popular themes include: Rustic, Traditional Japanese & Post-Modern.

Rustic & Traditional Japanese are particularly popular as these design philosophies already employ elements of traditionalism, post-modern is also popular as there is a great deal of variety in how post-modern designs can be implemented during interior decorating.

One of the benefits of Traditional Japanese is how easy it is to find decorative pieces to tie the room together. These can be relatively small decorative pieces such as bonsai trees are a prime example.

Rustic has the benefit of being relatively easy to implement – although it has the downside of being fairly difficult to get right.


1.Use the corners in your Toilet Designs

Wasting space is the last thing you can afford when you have significant space constraints. Utilizing the corners for clever utility placement can free up space in the room and leave it feeling larger than it actually is. The additional space can either be kept free or utilized for decorative pieces (depending on your actual size constraints).


2. Free up Floor Space in You Bathroom

Smaller bathrooms can appear very messy, very easily. When designing a cloakroom bathroom try ensure the floor space is free as it will make the bathroom feel more open. Wall hung toilets are great for this. If you’re employing a minimalist design already, decorative pieces may not be entirely necessary. Use this to your advantage and free up as much space possible!


3. Lighting

In small rooms lighting is very important. Chances are your cloakroom doesn’t have any windows therefore you will need to rely on artificial lighting. Adding a nice mirror in will help too.


4. Have A Mirrored Wall Section

Mirrored walls create an amazing, spacious feel in almost any size of bathroom. The placement of them is critical, they should be treated in very much the same way as a feature wall.

Another benefit of mirrored wall sections is that they reflect light around the room. This makes establishing effective ambient lighting much easier!

You can opt in for fog proof mirrors in order to keep your bathroom looking great regardless of whether you’re showering or bathing.


5. Exposed Brick

Establishing a rustic feel in a bathroom can pay off really well. However, the tradeoff is that it’s quite hard to get right.

Going too heavy into the rustic side of things when the rest of your house is a completely different style will leave your bathroom looking like it’s in the middle of a remodel.

Exposed brick is the perfect subtle nod to rustic design philosophy to help leave your bathroom looking sophisticated, without looking too busy.


6. Decorative Shower Screens

Shower screens don’t always need to be plain glass. Decorative shower screens are an absolutely perfect and cost effective way to tie the interior design of a bathroom together perfectly.

Artistic glass screens come in a range of different designs, with fractal patterns being a popular theme amongst many designers. You can also opt for more minimalistic designs if you’re going for the rustic feel.


7. Vanity Units that Make Sense in Small Spaces

Wall hung vanity units that help declutter the bathroom always make sense in smaller spaces. This leaves the bathroom look more spacious and room to relax and enjoy. Sometimes having twin hung vanity units can make a tiny bathroom feel luxurious without spending loads.

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