Update the Exterior of Your Home in a Snap

Update the Exterior of Your Home in a Snap


When it comes to the exterior of your home, curb appeal is everything. Your home, your yard, and even the property running up to it give a first impression to anyone who beholds it. While you may not desire to break the bank with significant and costly updates to your property, there are small things you can do to not only improve its cosmetic appearance; you can increase its value.

Here are some small but effective changes you can put in place to increase the value and update the exterior of your home. You’ll love pulling in at night, knowing that you’ve put some thought into the overall look and feel that you wish to convey. The feeling of ownership and pride that you’ll feel when beholding your castle will be worth it. Consider adding these small changes to your home and property to appeal to all who behold it.

Flower Boxes

A few well-placed flower boxes along windows and some beautifully potted plants on your front walk are a wonderfully cheery way to brighten up your landscape and your home. Choose colors and foliage that complement your home’s exterior for a seamlessly pulled-together, polished look.

Adding a porch

Adding a bit of simple construction to expand an existing porch can improve outdoor living space, not to mention making a big impression on all who set foot on your property. Not to worry, most porch construction is not considered a big project, and can usually be done for a fraction of the cost of other upgrades on your home.

Upgrade the front door

Your front door is a powerful portal to your home, and as such, it should make a bold statement. A modern contemporary exterior door is the perfect way to upgrade the look of your whole home without breaking the bank. Go big, bold, and express your individual style with this important piece of the puzzle that both invites and creates a feeling of being welcomed. With a variety of styles and colors to fit almost any whim and wish, the sky’s the limit with how creative you can be.

Paint the exterior

While this task is not necessarily for the DIYers out there, putting a fresh coat of paint on siding and trim is like giving your home an instant facelift. A word to the wise—if you have the budget to hire professional painters, they will save you time, money, and quite a few mistakes, leaving you with a “new” look you can really be proud of.

Update light fixtures

You’re not still hanging onto that 70’s disaster hanging by a single bulb on your front porch, are you? With such a variety of styles and colors for exterior light fixtures, you really have no excuse for failing to update. Landscape lighting can really create a nice ambience as well; consider lining your foliage or even your driveway with beauty and illumination to make your property glow with sophistication.

Add seasonal décor

Celebrate the seasons by putting out seasonal decor. Tasteful wreaths, winter potted plants, and fall foliage all add brilliance, color, and a celebratory feel to your home. Whether you choose silks or real foliage, decorate with pride and pull your whole look together with festive pops of color.

Clean off your roof

A dirty, dingy, unkempt roof can be a sign of neglect. Not only does it look unsightly, it can be an indicator that damage to the interior and exterior of the home are present. Regularly inspect and clean your roofline, gutters, and downspouts; the more you can keep your roof clean of moisture and debris, the longer it will continue to protect and beautify your home.

Update the mailbox

A tired, faded mailbox can detract from the rest of your home’s curb appeal. Upgrade to a newer, more colorful model that fits the look you are going for with other exterior upgrades. Choose a design that complements your home’s style, in a color that is pleasing to you and visible to your friendly neighborhood mailman.

Consider outdoor art

Yes, outdoor art is a thing. Tastefully selected, it adds a touch of eclectic whimsy to any area it is placed in. An ornate birdbath, a few well-placed exterior wall hangings, or a beautiful vase adorned with bright foliage brighten the look of your whole home. Make sure it is visible yet protected from Mother Nature’s harsh elements.

Cut the clutter

Do what you can to hide items like garbage bins, find an organized place for kids toys, and ditch the construction mess as quickly as possible to keep the exterior of your home and lawn looking neat and clean. A well-manicured landscape is part of the whole equation; keeping your lawn clean and other areas of your home’s exterior free from debris will brighten and pull together your home’s look. Your inviting property will be the envy of everyone else on the block, or you might just inspire your neighbors to clean up their act as well.

Following these simple tips will keep the exterior of your home looking fresh and inviting to both you and to all who enter. Take care of your property, and make it a place that you are proud and excited to come home to.

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