Creative and Affordable Ideas for Your Headboard

A headboard is the last thing you see before going to sleep and the first thing you see in the morning. It may impact your mood, that’s why it deserves your special interest. Buying a headboard may be costly, that’s why we are going to help you find your inspiration and do your own headboard.

Chalkboard paint for creative people

You often feel inspired at night. Don’t lose your best ideas. Put them on the chalkboard wall and continue your plan in the morning. You don’t need a special kind of wall to adopt this style, it can be drywall, plaster, wood, brick or concrete. Chalkboard paint is easy to apply, dries fast and can be removed with soap and water. You can choose any color you like. In case you don’t want to paint your wall, chalkboard contact paper is another option.

Apply your favorite wallpaper

You’ll find a lot of wallpapers on the market which can be applied directly on the wall. Wallpapers are not always easy to apply, you have to use a special technique. Farraw&Ball recommends sketching the left side of the headboard in pencil and then cutting it out to use as a template for the right side. This ensures that the two sides are symmetrical. Before you apply the wallpaper, remove all dirt, fill in any cracks, as the wall has to be smooth.

Laminate floor placed as headboard

Have you ever imagined the world up-side-down? A floating laminate floor placed on the wall will best characterize the syntagm. Furthermore, it will imitate a recycled wood wall. While the front and sides of the wall are laminate flooring, the back is plasterboard. The two bedside tables and the faux fireplace are actually painted medium-density fiberboards (MDF).

Your own graffiti art on the wall

Do you enjoy painting? It’s time you dare more and expose your art on the wall. Start with your bedroom. Buy a solid vinyl unpasted wallpaper and start your graffiti design. Don’t worry. This kind of wallpaper is peelable and it can be easily cleaned. The great advantage is that you can try different versions and change them when you get bored.

World map on your bedroom wall

Do you enjoy traveling and making trip plans? A floor-to-ceiling world map will be the right choice for your headboard. You can find such a map in different colors, so it will go with the whole room ensemble. A smooth, clean wall is required for a nice aspect. Use flat latex paint instead of a primer, it is best for creating the right surface. Mix and apply paste to each panel before hanging.

Place a vintage folding screen flat as a headboard

Pick one up from an antique store or look it up in your parents’ attic—pressed up behind the bed it will change the vibe of the room. Who knows, you might even find a little vintage treasure.

Free your creativity, it will change your bedroom vibe without having to spend a fortune on art.

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