Yin-Yang House by Brooks + Scarpa

Yin-Yang House by Brooks + Scarpa

Architects: Brooks + Scarpa
Location: Venice, California, USA
Year: 2011
Photos: John Linden

The Yin-Yang House is a solitary family home in a tranquil Venice, CA neighborhood. The outline goal was to make a space for a substantial and developing family with a few youngsters, which would make a quiet, casual and sorted out environment that accentuates open family space.


The house is likewise intended to serve as a spot to enthrall and an inviting space for young people as they look for social space with companions.


The house is sorted out around a progression of yards and other open air spaces that incorporate with the house’s inside. Confronting the road the house seems, by all accounts, to be strong. On the other hand, behind the steel section entryway is a yard, which uncovers the indoor-open air nature of the house behind the strong outside. From the passage patio, the whole space to the back greenhouse divider can be seen; the first sign of the home’s spatial association in the middle of all around. These spaces are intended for stimulation, and the 50 foot sliding glass way to the parlor improves the consonant relationship of the fundamental room, permitting the proprietors to have numerous visitors without the sentiment being overburdened.


The house’s strains outside are unobtrusively underscored by a 12-inch steel band that slashes near, however now and then transcends or falls beneath the floor line of the second floor – a constant circle moving all around like a pen that is never lifted from the page, yet fortifies the purpose to spatially weave together as a solitary space the inside with the outside space.


Scale control additionally assumes a formal part in the structure’s outline. From the back, the house has all the earmarks of being a solitary story volume. The vast main room window and the open air steps are scaled to bolster this fantasy. It is just when the strides are energized with individuals that one understands the genuine size of the house is two stories.


The kitchen is the house’s heart, with an open working territory that permits the proprietor, a refined gourmet expert, to visit with companions while cooking. Rooms are purposefully intended to be little and basic, to give bigger open spaces, underscoring the family over individual areas. The breakfast room looks over an outside yard to the visitor room/kids den, building up a visual association while characterizing the partition of employments. The youngsters can play outside while under grown-up supervision from the eating region or the workplace, or do homework in the workplace while grown-ups possess the neighboring open air or indoor space.


A materials’ number utilized, including the bamboo inside, composite stone and tile ledges and restroom completions are reused, and strengthen the ecological DNA of the house, which likewise has a green rooftop. Blown-in cellulose protection, brilliant warming and a large group of other feasible components helps in the building’s execution warming and cooling.


The dynamic frameworks in the home incorporate a 12 KW sun oriented photovoltaic board framework, the biggest such private framework accessible available. The sun based boards likewise give shade from the sun, keeping the house from getting to be overheated. The proprietors have been in the home for more than nine months and have yet to get a force bill.

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