Casa Maritimo by Seferin Arquitectura

Casa Maritimo by Seferin Arquitectura

Architects: Seferin Arquitectura
Location: Tramandai,Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Year: 2011
Area: 3.875 sqft
Photo courtesy: Seferin Arquitectura

The Project was appointed for the Casa and Cia praia 2012, a structural planning and enhancement occasion that happens amid the Summer on the shoreline of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Outlined and assembled in the year of 2011, the 360m2 home possesses a corner parcel of a specific apartment suite in Tramandaí shoreline.


The state of the living arrangement is clear, isolated in two particular squares. A two story straight block volume and a ground level coated piece. The family room, lounge area and the gourmet zone, are completely coordinated. Coated, with glass sliding entryways, this piece is encompassed by a gallery deck high ground. A chunk of solid makes the front of this volume, protecting in a brief moment floor porch with heavenly view. The block chimney is extraordinary volume of the earth, and can likewise be utilized outside on the patio.


On the ground floor, the longitudinal square houses all the administration of the house, confronting an outside administration flow with their own particular access, and a visitor suite with private gallery confronting the greenery enclosure back of the house. On the second floor, three suites are associated by a primary dissemination that opens on to the patio sitting above the tidal pond. The expert suite forward on the floor, making the scope for the auto. An extensive window with perspective over the territory of protection of the apartment suite is the point of convergence of the suite.


Undertaking of the same office, the improvement of the social zone, looks for the same dialect of the house structural planning. The materials utilized remotely – block, wood and concrete – are additionally utilized inside, bringing the same components of the exteriors into the house. These materials permits the house to converge with the scene. The determination of furniture looks for a harmony in the middle of rural and contemporary, blending plan pieces and components with common materials.



Casa-Maritimo-03 Casa-Maritimo-04-1 Casa-Maritimo-04 Casa-Maritimo-05 Casa-Maritimo-06-1 Casa-Maritimo-06 Casa-Maritimo-07 Casa-Maritimo-08 Casa-Maritimo-09-0-1 Casa-Maritimo-09-0 Casa-Maritimo-09-1 Casa-Maritimo-09-2 Casa-Maritimo-09 Casa-Maritimo-10 Casa-Maritimo-11

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