Warehouse Converted into Water Factory Residence in Fitzroy by Andrew Simpson Architects

Warehouse Converted into Water Factory Residence in Fitzroy by Andrew Simpson Architects

Architects: Andrew Simpson Architects
Location: Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2014
Area: 4,736 ft²/ 440 m²
Photo courtesy: Shannon McGrath

This venture draws in with issues of more distant family staying, spatial adaptability, and versatile reuse.


The Water Factory includes the restoration and private transformation of a late nineteenth century modern stockroom working of individual legacy importance. Situated in North Fitzroy the building already contained organizations, for example, a jam manufacturing plant, circulated air through water production line, publicizing office and designing consultancy.


This was essentially an inside task: the foot shaped impression of the two story building concurs with the site limits and the noteworthy legacy requirements restricted alternatives for adjusting the outside envelope of the building.


To address the requirement for various potential outcomes for more distant family living, the outline is imagined as a gathering of houses contained inside of the more extensive envelope of the building. The arrangement is subdivided in two on the ground floor and inside associated with make two next to each other homes which have separate principle road doors for various individuals from the crew.


To draw light and ventilation into what is an inadequately arranged and profound foot shaped impression, a broad number of operable sky facing windows were presented on the north and south-bound rooftop pitches, and an extensive void interfacing the ground and first floor was deliberately situated to likewise exploit this luxury. Room, restroom and clothing spaces are separated by a progression of operable and sliding boards. What are routinely viewed as cell and secluded spaces inside of a house are permeated with a feeling that they are temporary ranges that can shape part of the open arrangement or be utilized for more private purposes.


The roof geometry which converges with the first stockroom rooftop trusses, differs and undulates along the cross-segment of the building. It contains the electrical and mechanical administrations and in its peak pitches makes a conceptual suggestion of a few houses being contained inside of the principle volume.

Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-06 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-07 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-08 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-09 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-10 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-11 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-12 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-13 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-14 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-15 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-16 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-17 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-18 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-19 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-20 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-21 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-22 Warehouse-Converted-into-Water-Factory-Residence-in-Fitzroy-by-Andrew-Simpson-Architects-23

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