House in Quinta Patino by Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos

House in Quinta Patino by Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos

Location: Quinta Patino, Estoril, Portugal
Year: 2012
Area: 7,535 sqft
Photo courtesy: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

The design was based on a constant modulus whose multiplication regrou the size and position of the openings of the compartments. The shape follows the parallelepiped will close on the house itself, visually extending the interior space to outer space contained. Are assumed, so the patios as an extension housing; strategic views are open to the surrounding natural terrain, taking advantage of the abundant vegetation and the irregularity of the rock.


The volume is apparently larger than it actually is, since it contains the building and the outdoor spaces of transition. Aligned with the entrance gate on the lot draw up a route that crosses the building, culminating in a central square courtyard from which all entries are made. This path is the need to dissociate functionally distinct areas and is responsible, therefore, for the differentiation of volumes at floor level 0 according to the specific function as intended. Functionally housing develops in two floors above ground and one in the basement.


The level 0 combines the social areas of the house. The entrance is from the courtyard exterior finish, opening up a hall to host fully exposed to another outdoor patio overlooking the pool. The hall distributes to the living room, toilet and dining room, allowing access to the upper floor via a flight of stairs. Service areas are developed behind another outdoor patio with a dining room which communicates directly (kitchen and access to the basement). Also on this floor, resulting in autonomous volume of pedestrian crossing, located in room movies and games, more open on a patio.


The first floor hosts the private area of the house: three suites and one master suite, which boasts an office, 2 closets and 2 bathrooms independent communicating with an outdoor space for the jacuzzi. Except for a room, everyone else has a private terrace.


The basement is ready to receive 5 vehicles (minimum required by regulation condominium in view of the planned construction area) and articulates the space of garage spaces with technical support and collections. The focus has been viewed in terms of the areas of the living room and dining room, filling these spaces throughout the track west of the house, the rooms are located on the fronts South, East and West zones and services were oriented north.


Access to the car parking area is via a ramp parallel to route pedestrian entrance, accessed by the street layout of access to Lot, the South In order to continue the existing slope is expected to cover the arrival of the skate ramp.

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