House in the Garden by Cunningham Architects

House in the Garden by Cunningham Architects

Architects: Cunningham Architects
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
Area: 5250 sqft
Photo courtesy: James F. Wilson & Gisela Borghi

As an exceptional cooperation between draftsman, customer, and scene modeler, an incredible measure of believed was consolidated into everything about the whole outline and development process. This liquid procedure was important so as to effectively convey a practical house, just as equipped for facilitating casual family get-togethers and substantial social capacities. As a urban retreat for a craftsman and auto devotee who lives nearby, much care was taken to unobtrusively embed this new house into the area, yet express the extraordinary personalities of the proprietors. In that capacity, the customer’s liking for the shading blue was fused into a few of the commanding components inside of the greenhouse and the house.


The House in the Garden is a detached expansion to a rich pioneer house on a connecting parcel. A few existing Red Oak and Elm trees were consolidated into the greenery enclosure plan, whereby both parcels added to the development of a bigger greenhouse as once huge mob. A negligible plant palette makes mass plantings utilized for vast textural affect and screening for security.


An advanced two story box, the house is clad on three sides with a rainscreen framework, using Ipe hardwood that will climate after some time to a silver-dim sheen. The south façade is coated in frameless, protected glass units consolidating two 8 foot wide sliding glass entryways. A 14 foot cantilevered rooftop shields this façade from the unforgiving Texas sun while serving as a yard to the glass-tiled unendingness edge swimming pool. A little water highlight cast into the solid deck gives unpretentious commotion to dispose of any diversions from past the greenery enclosure dividers.


Extensive stone pieces get to be “connectors” all through the patio nursery, and give move from the road to the house. These natural, twisted pathways come full circle and surround a flame pit. There is a visitor room and painting studio on the upper level. First floor, the solid floor and outside deck give a consistent move from the lounge to the patio nursery. The house gives adequate space to part of a bigger gathering of craftsmanship and autos.


At 5250 sq. ft., the House in the Garden is scarcely discernable from the road as it is prudently set back to the back of the parcel behind a stainless steel work and reused glass security divider. Lit up from inside of, the glass divider gives no sign of the urban desert spring behind it.

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