Residence in Kifissia by Tense Architecture Network

Residence in Kifissia by Tense Architecture Network

Architects: Tense Architecture Network
Location: Kifissia, Greece
Photo courtesy: Filippo Poli

The living arrangement’s plot is little and an adjoining building practically obstructs the southern sun. The primary piece of the field ought to stay free and turn into the home itself: a severe crystal, midway upheld, drifts over the freed ground. At initial, a region was characterized: a cubic shell of plants makes a point of confinement for the house.


Keeping in mind the end goal to live, ones pulls back in. Three metallic segments bolster a net of inox ropes where plants have as of now moved with a specific end goal to create a volume just as imperative to the house’s crystals.


At the point when the plants are developed the green screen will be entered just by the dark focal segment of the solid sanctuary. The basalt-watery surface on which it is based mirrors the light in the inside. Uncovered cement is dull tinted where a more prominent profundity, a feeling of tying down was important. Fake light is mindfully overseen with a specific end goal to secure the night and the closeness that diminish light offers.


The shell stays in place towards the primary façade. People in general picture of the living arrangement will in the long run retreat behind the plants and the house will assert the entire field. The enthusiastically isolates crystal lets the sun enter and works as a haven: living space lies underneath. At the point when the sliding boards withdraw, the converging with the greenery enclosure is finished.


The space that the hoisted crystal makes is the fundamental compositional motion. The way that this motion is performed is critical: it is the way through which the drifting crystal is bolstered by the focal segment. A quiet strain is understood, a basic yet clear connection of powers. The cooperative energy in the middle of auxiliary and structural configuration gives a living arrangement where the shell is not more imperative than its field. Those are compared: balanced.

_PL_1356-Modifica _PL_1368 _PL_1375-Modifica _PL_1458 _PL_2005 _PL_2051-Modifica _PL_2102 _PL_2108 1ST LEVEL PLAN CROSS SECTION FRONT ELEVATION GROUNDFLOOR PLAN

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