Wo House by SO Architecture

Wo House by SO Architecture

Architects: SO Architecture
Location: Kiryat Tivon, Israel
Year: 250 sqm
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Shai Epshtein


WO house was inherent Kiryat Tivon, in one of the delightful and green neighborhoods of the town.The house was based on a hard, elongated, tight, trapezoidal plot in a zone of ​​750 sqm, the house surface itself is 250 sqm including an open space, a work space and four rooms.

View from the living room to the kids zone

The structural idea in putting the ground’s arrangement floor is the making of a consistent cross-formed space which makes an open perspective line in one bearing along the plot’s length, and a perspective line from the passageway to the lounge area window the other way. In the focal point of the house there is a twofold space that permits a perspective between the fundamental floor and the general population passage floor.

_MG_0741The one of a kind forms of the house, take after the plot’s shapes and permitting the occupants to use their development rights, in spite of the testing state of the p

_MG_0763 _MG_0864 _MG_0902 _MG_0922 _MG_0950 _MG_0962 _MG_0968 _MG_0978 House_01 House_02 House_03 House_04 House_05 House_07 house_08 House_10 House_11 House_12 House_13 House_19 House_21 House_22 House_24 House_25 House_26 House_29 House_30 House_31 House_32 The corridor is open from both sides. On one it is a green terrace that lights it, and on the other is a double space that connects to the dinning area The defers from its built environment, yet is similar in its architectural simplicity and in its integration with nature (2) The house surrounds the staircase The staircase are a sculptural element in the space creating connection and separation at the same time View from the dinning area to the corridor and terrace View from the kids space to the living room View from the kitchen satirs sec 3 SEC1 Slide2 Slide3

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