House that reflects traditional forms reminiscent of the South Island region of Arrowtown, New Zealand

Architects: Sumich Chaplin Architects
Location: Arrowtown, New Zealand
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Sumich Chaplin Architects

“This house is located on a recently released area of the Millbrook development. The site was unique for the development in that the building platform was established on two levels. The land falls east to west. Design codes for Millbrook are rigidly enforced. These include rules for the roof pitch, material selection and colours. Our design intent was to work with these and and to explore how far the controls could be pushed. Due to the fall of the land, the garages and service area were buried into the slope, a first for Millbrook. The lanscape ran up and over this banked area, leaving exposed a large stone wall.

An arrival court provide a sense of intimacy before entering the house. The house is essentially three gable forms that step down the site, linked by flat roofed stone walls. The house reflects traditional forms reminiscent of the South Island region. The living areas were wrapped around two courtyards facing the north and south, allowing flexibility for sun, wind and privacy from adjacent dwellings. Natural light is brought deep into the house through large dormer windows.

A simple palette of natural stone, plaster, slate roofing and steel plate are used on the exterior. This palette is extended into the interior to compelte a unified finish.”

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