House Mouton in a bushveld estate in Leeuwfontein, South Africa by Earthworld Architects

House Mouton in a bushveld estate in Leeuwfontein, South Africa by Earthworld Architects

Architects: Earthworld Architects
Location: Leeufontein, Pretoria, South Africa
Year: 2014
Area: 7,589 ft²/ 705 m²
Photo courtesy: DOOK

The brief from the customer required the outline of a home for a group of four in a bushveld bequest. The site is a bushveld plot of 1 hectare, and is arranged in the Roodeplaat Dam catchment region and required a touchy way to deal with the siting of the building. The building is deliberately put as structures between the current thistle trees. The four structures for living, resting, administrations and visitors are connected to frame a consolidated living unit. Structures structure yards for living in the hedge between them.


The house comprises of three reasonable components: The rooftop and roof copies the level plane of the acacia thistle trees giving shade to its occupants. Furthermore The 2 “ant colony dwelling place like” chimneys are reference points in the scene, and thirdly the barbed edge stonewall components copies the klip kopje of the scenes.


The rooftop stature is kept to the base to make simple spaces and in addition to guarantee a low visual effect on the indigenous habitat. The fundamental structure is of the building is a steel shed with infill timber windows and brick work dividers under the shed. A timber machine roof is suspended from the steel structure to frame a very protected rooftop depression to evade summer over warming and winter heat misfortune.


The workmanship dividers were put under the rooftop structure surface after it was raised and are free frame shapes. In the middle of these divider components the spaces are filled in with timber and glass, which outline sees into the scene. The inside completions of the building are kept to the base with machines roofs, timber entryways and windows and solid floors.


At long last, the building outline fundamentally endeavors to be touchy to the immaculate bushveld scene, and at the same to make a warm home for it its occupants without extravagance.

house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-05 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-06 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-07 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-08 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-09 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-10 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-11 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-12 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-13 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-14 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-15 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-16 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-17 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-18 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-19 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-20 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-21 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-22 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-23 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-24 house-mouton-in-a-bushveld-estate-in-leeuwfontein-south-africa-by-earthworld-architects-25

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