Hut House in the Holland Village neighbourhood of Singapore, covered in folded aluminium

Hut House in the Holland Village neighbourhood of Singapore, covered in folded aluminium

Architects: Pencil Office
Location: Singapore
Year: 2015
Area: 2,500 ft²/ 232 m²
Photo courtesy: Pencil Office

A little cottage like expansion of 1,560 square feet (145 square meters) to a current landed private property in the Holland Village neighborhood of Singapore is made out of a collapsed aluminum cloak textured over the flat surface. This screen, set glad to the auxiliary divider 10-inches (250-millimeters) mitigates warm warmth pick up while creating a delightful example of light and shadow. The example over the façade is extended along the even pivot, and stacked in three examples, preventing the standardizing traditions from securing scale to the two-story object. Windows behind the cover are situated to contrasting arrangements and sizes, strengthening a play of position and scale to undermine any enrollment of floor positions about the volume.


The cloak itself covers obscure and straightforward surfaces alike, rendering the design as a discrete, just about toy-such as article. Four particular projections – two for the passage and way out, one for the sky facing window, and one for an unhampered perspective – develop past the cover in a structure that seems, by all accounts, to be extended and pulled. These interruptions are manufactured in cement extending the inward structure to the outside. Different windows requirement for characteristic enlightenment are confronted with operable screens in the same cover example permitting ventilation, lights, and view without the regularizing disturbances to the structural façade while making a climate of cloudy diffuse light and agreeable temperatures.


Restricted site zone and misfortunes change the admired hovel structure, cutting it at a slant in arrangement, and subsequently making an emotional land like volume. Inside of, a room, lounge area and front room expansion are found on the ground floor. A work of art studio and display are found on the second story, showered in a hidden light quality as it is lit up while shielded from the warmth and glare of the serious tropical sun. A basic yet liberally scaled inside stair wraps about the inside chamfered dividers, consolidating the different levels. Sandwiched by a 8-inch (200-millimeter) floor line and rooftop line, the cabin house works with diminishment as a compositional idea – lessening of materials, tones, and volumetric many-sided quality – to intensify the vicinity of the shroud and of the design itself.

Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-03 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-04 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-05 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-06 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-07 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-08 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-09 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-10 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-11 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-12 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-13 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-14 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-15 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-16 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-17 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-18 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-19 Hut-House-in-the-Holland-Village-neighbourhood-of-Singapore-covered-in-folded-aluminium-20

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