Satu House by Chrystalline Architect

Satu House by Chrystalline Architect

Architects: Chrystalline Architect
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Photo courtesy: William Sebastian

The Idea is just to make a most extreme space inside of its constrained site. By minimizing the utilization of divider as a parcel toward the principle territory, so we can convey most extreme open space. Generally the vertical zoning exercises in Indonesia urban little house put the administration zone on the first floor, front room lounge area on second floor and third floor is for rooms.


However, when I began the zoning graph, in this site I found that the first floor is really the most agreeable level in which primary exercises occurred. As far as proprietor’s versatility access and potential perspective from the front yard, the first floor has a few points of interest that we can’t have on the upper floors. So I chose to switch the piece by putting the principle zone on the first floor and benefit zone on the third floor/rooftop floor. While planning the segment of living-eating territory, I understood this site which has 10 meter width is conceivable to have a spotless space without section by hanging the room level to the primary shaft on the rooftop floor that be spread out along the site’s width.


Along these lines I utilize the steel structure to manufacture the primary structure of this house. The whole primary structure has been preparatory collected on the workshop before it’s been developed on the site, to guarantee all the steel joint subtle element were outline and worked splendidly. Extensive measurement bars that been required allowed me to streamline the tallness of the bars to place ventilation barbecue between each of it. Those ventilations give dissemination to hot air to stream out with rooftop glass at the left and right half of the building to bring common light for the house amid the day.


The second floor, where all rooms are set has a multifunction space right adjacent to the stairs that has been utilized as hall, library and passageway entryway for rooms. The book cupboards likewise get to be segment for every rooms. At the inverse side, there is another passageway as the joining region for all rooms and multi reason room that submitted in linier request. At the point when all joining entryways at this hallway are opened, the rooms unite into one major associated room. Iced overlaid glass is connected for both passages to give bigger scope of light to living range on the first floor.


I put reflecting lake under the stairs to diminish the room temperature amid the day and make a quiet mood by listening to the sound of water stream. An indoor patio with wooden floor at the right side not just being utilized as a play area for the youngsters additionally can be a periodic indoor carport. In general piece, ‘Satu House’ was outlined as a brilliant and insightful thought as far as streamlined the utilization of space for constrained site.

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