Chelsea Townhouse by Archi-Tectonics

Chelsea Townhouse by Archi-Tectonics

Architects: Archi-Tectonics
Location: Chelsea, New York City, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 3,400 sqft
Photo courtesy: Richard Powers

The new back expansion is considered as a light vaporous space which makes a channel to the greenhouse space past, including all the more light and better perspectives. The new garden façade is a 3d collapsed steel and glass structure with recovered tropical palisander infill. It develops the library on the greenhouse level, the lounge room on the parlor floor and makes a porch for the main room region above.

Chelsea Townhouse by Archi-Tectonics

The inside of the townhouse is gut-redesigned; the top floor is raised, the greenery enclosure floor is brought down and a totally new wood and glass staircase with a sky facing window is embedded, lighting the stair space the distance down. Extensive arrangements of sliding entryways at the living/section and room/restroom territories are making adaptable utilization of space; these entryways are 3d CNC processed with wood and glass designs.

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