Casa Hoff by Ramella Arquitetura

Casa Hoff by Ramella Arquitetura

Location: Xangri-lá, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Marcelo Donadussi

Single Family Residence on the beach in Xangri-there, South Coast of Brazil. Concrete and bricks stand out in a simple architecture, comprising two blocks, created for the family Hoff. Strategically positioned solar orientation, the balcony includes both homes and brightens the room, creating scenarios during the day with shadow effects of the pergola swing, communicating the ambients with the garden.


The external features of the house are repeated internally as the exposed concrete and solid brick red ceramic. Floor brick, tile hydraulic and wood furniture, makes the home a warm and happy home, a beach house according to gatherings in family that promote during the weekends and during the summer.

Casa-Hoff-02 Casa-Hoff-03 Casa-Hoff-04 Casa-Hoff-05 Casa-Hoff-06 Casa-Hoff-07 Casa-Hoff-08 Casa-Hoff-09 Casa-Hoff-10 Casa-Hoff-11 Casa-Hoff-12 Casa-Hoff-13 Casa-Hoff-14 Casa-Hoff-15 Casa-Hoff-16 Casa-Hoff-17

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