“Concrete” roams from the walls to the ceiling, dark walnut parquet with light streaks define this modern and independent apartment

Architects: Sergey Makhno Architects
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Andrey Avdeenko

“Our goal was to make the space consonant with owners – modern and independent. The apartment is not tied to a particular style or even era. Things with a history live side by side with innovations.

The interior was built of Ukrainian things. A sofa, a kitchen, a table were entrusted to the hands of local manufacturers. Neutral, quiet tones dominate in the main zone. For the walls we used decorative plaster imitating concrete.

“Concrete” roams from the walls to the ceiling, creating the canvas for developing design ideas. Dark walnut parquet with light streaks makes a picture consistent. The woman from Odessa smiles to everyone who enters a living room. The family painting adds a personality to a plain wall.

The ginger vases have a long pedigree. A few centuries ago they were used to transport spices. Today, authentic forms match to faces of modern interiors. The owner of the apartment collects ceramics. We housed zoomorphic sculptures, vases and figurines on the open shelf made of armature and wood.

We combine a living room with kitchen and dining zone. Wooden panels underline the kitchen. Built-in lights are the creative design decision that will not let visitors pass by. The peculiarity of the cooking zone is an unusual facing.

The stained glass separates the entrance hall and kitchen. It lets light go into the hall and pour rays. The glass wall retains a sense of spaciousness and easiness.

White brick wall in the bedroom expands the space. We decorated it with photos from the family archives. The ornament by the Ukrainian artist G. Sobachko-Shostak blooms in a bathroom. The teratological plexus of flowers gives a lot of visual emotion, standing out on black and white background.”

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