One story “L” shaped Casa Lineal in Lima, Peru designed by Metrópolis Oficina de Arquitectura

One story “L” shaped Casa Lineal in Lima, Peru designed by Metrópolis Oficina de Arquitectura

Architects: José Orrego
Location: Lima, Peru
Year: 2016
Area: 9.042 ft²/ 840 m²
Photo courtesy: Juan Solano Ojasí

“The main idea for this house was to create a concavity to get a controlled view inside the lot. The house is a small tribute to the pursuit of Mies Van der Rohe, where the transparency and the inner courtyards were held.


The building has one floor at ground level to lighten the presence of itself on the lot and then developed a basement with a corridor for bedrooms and the intimate areas. The lot has a perforated platform that sustains the roofs with the same structural profiles.


The house is configured based on three horizontal plans, the columns help to make this possible. These plans define a front terrace, an inner terrace with a pool and an intimate backyard.


The interior is defined by the shadows of the upper plans, because their enclosures are glazed in all its magnitude. In it, the space is continuous, and a stone veneer volume followed by wooden floors define a primary and simple finish.


At the front , a pavilion of service that is linked to the house through the kitchen develops The continuity between the exterior and the interior space is a both directions experience inside the house.


The house theme recurs in other projects of Metropolis, where the space flows and the nature surrounds the architecture completely, making it part of the house through transparencies, participating with it to the very end of the new created situation.”

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