Copper Haus by assemblageSTUDIO

Copper Haus by assemblageSTUDIO

Architects: assemblageSTUDIO
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Year: 2009
Area: 8,000 ft²/ 743 m²
Photo courtesy: Drew Gregory

The venture is close by Bear’s Best green at the base of the Red Rock Mountains with perspectives to the Las Vegas Strip. The site is split by an emotional level change running from the front to back of the site. The outline fits into the berm empowering a daylighting of all levels.


The outline offers associations all through to the outside. Moving from space to space, one sees unfathomable points of view or encircled perspectives of the encompassing environment and artificial yards. The perspectives come full circle in a rooftop deck which offers unlimited perspectives to the mountains, course and valley underneath. The massing of the living arrangement is associated through a material banding that overlap from rooftop to divider to floor. The upper level is bolstered on rammed earth dividers to frame an establishing to the configuration.

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