Malbaie VIII Residence by MU Architecture

Malbaie VIII Residence by MU Architecture

Architects: MU Architecture
Location: Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada
Photos: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard (YUL Photo)
Area: 3500 sq ft

The reinterpretation of the customary stable found in the territory is the main thrust of the compositional idea. Completely wrapped in a dull dim metal cladding on its sides and rooftop, the home shielded from the components includes a commonplace structure.


Three volumetric cuts in the primary volume, covered in white cedar boards are made to plainly stamp the passage on ground-floor and make space for two porches on the upper floor. As though the metal skin had been peeled off to uncover a more delicate inside, the envelope inspires the thought of a tree’s husk securing its inward center.


The experience of the house flourishes in the cellar, inside of its wood cladded and cement framed dividers, where a vast den and youngsters’ quarters live together. At the ground level, the fundamental entryway, altogether secured in wood, invites you in a comfortable spa-like air. From the fundamental passageway you can get to four expansive en-suite rooms and the principle staircase. As opposed to the white cedar dividers, the railing of the staircase is made totally of crude hot moved steel. With astonishing delicacy it goes about as a spine uniting the diverse levels of the house.


As we move from the cellar to the top floor, we enter the living spaces neglecting the woods and the encompassing region. We slowly find confined perspectives of trunks, branches and foliage as our eyes are lost over the far off mountains. The upper level uncovers itself as a huge open arrangement with kitchen, eating, parlor and living space. The mirror impact of brilliant solid floor emphasizes the smoothness of the space and mirrors the plentiful characteristic light onto cedar dividers and roof.

ma_270214_04Under a great house of God roof, a chimney is strategically located in the focal point of the open arrangement to bring together the different exercises of perusing, cooking, eating and unwinding. The atmosphere of the space dives us into a solace like that of old wooden homes. During the evening, low light levels slip the roofs into shadow making a warm however puzzling environment that brings out the customary Québécois nights of yesteryear.

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