Linnebo House by Schjelderup Trondahl arkitekter

Linnebo House by Schjelderup Trondahl arkitekter

Architects: Schjelderup Trondahl arkitekter
Location: Oslo, Norway
Photo courtesy: Jonas Adolfsen

Clear cut, single family house “on top of Oslo” by the Holmenkollen ski jump with a cantilevering balcony towards the view. The house is based on strict regulations on a relatively small site, but with extensive analysis of the surroundings and personal preferences.


All daily functions are at the top floor revealing the great view over downtown Oslo and the Oslofjord horizon. All levels and openings are meticulously planned to maximize light and views in each room.


Main rooms have blond oak plywood panels on walls and ceilings and massive oak floorboards. The house is clad with burnt and oiled spruce boards.

Linnebo-House-03 Linnebo-House-04 Linnebo-House-05 Linnebo-House-06 Linnebo-House-07 Linnebo-House-08 Linnebo-House-09 Linnebo-House-10 Linnebo-House-11 Linnebo-House-12 Linnebo-House-13 Linnebo-House-14 Linnebo-House-15 Linnebo-House-16 Linnebo-House-17 Linnebo-House-18 Linnebo-House-19 Linnebo-House-20 Linnebo-House-21 Linnebo-House-22 Linnebo-House-23

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