North Fitzroy by Pleysier Perkins

North Fitzroy by Pleysier Perkins

Architects: Pleysier Perkins
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Hilary Bradford

Fitted into the shell of an existing Victorian terrace house, the extension facilitates an upper level bedroom suite with adjoining central terrace, and links a new ground floor living design with a sunny rear yard as well as intimate internalised courtyards and lightwells.

North-Fitzroy-01 North-Fitzroy-02 North-Fitzroy-03 North-Fitzroy-04 North-Fitzroy-05 North-Fitzroy-06 North-Fitzroy-07 North-Fitzroy-08 North-Fitzroy-09 North-Fitzroy-10 North-Fitzroy-11 North-Fitzroy-12

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