The House by Buensalido Architects

The House by Buensalido Architects

Location: Manila, Philippines
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Mitch Mauricio

Designed for a newly married couple, this townhouse is a tribute to the Filipino spirit. Buensalido Architects, a Manila-based architectural design firm that pushes for contemporizing Filipino architecture, found the aesthetic expression of this design intent through triangles, an abstracted representation of banderitas (or flaglets) that one would commonly see in local fiestas and festivals. As a country, the Philippines has one almost every day.


It is a manifestation of the Filipino’s optimism and positive outlook in their lives, always knowing how to smile no matter how bad their situation is. This was captured with the different bursts of colors within the house, achieving a sense of vibrancy, festivity, and positivity.


These conceptual ideas were physically implemented in a contemporary and innovative way: the banderitas and triangles on the interior surfaces were achieved with a CNC milling machine, therefore attaining precision in its production and avoiding human error. Light fixtures were located above the cutouts, creating an ever-changing pattern of shadows, depending on how many lights are turned on. A certain kind of material honesty was aimed for, so for the concrete flooring for example, was kept as is, applying a special kind of lithium-based sealant to achieve a smooth, terrazzo-like effect.

Buensalido-03 Buensalido-04 Buensalido-06 Buensalido-07 Buensalido-08 Buensalido-09 Buensalido-10 Buensalido-11 Buensalido-12 Buensalido-13 Buensalido-14 Buensalido-15 Buensalido-16 Buensalido-17 Buensalido-18 Buensalido-19 Buensalido-20 Buensalido-21 Buensalido-22 Buensalido-23 Buensalido-24 Buensalido-25 Buensalido-26 Buensalido-27 Buensalido-28 Buensalido-29 Buensalido-30 Buensalido-31 Buensalido-32 Buensalido-33 Buensalido-34

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