5 Interior Design Tips to Personalize Your Living Space

5 Interior Design Tips to Personalize Your Living Space


The truth is your home is the most personal place you have. It is where you can relax after a long workday and hide away from troubles. That’s why you should design the interior in such a way that will speak volumes about you and show your personality and soul.

However, to many homeowners, decorating the home isn’t an easy task. In most cases, they struggle with finding the most appealing interior design style for them and then embellishing it according to their own preferences and needs.

But, no matter how you choose to decorate your home, you can always rely on numerous little details to help you add a touch of personality and charm into an otherwise indifferent residence. In fact, such things actually have the power to personalize your living space and create that unique ambiance called home.

So, to get you started, here are five interior design tips you can follow to customize your place and show your true reflection.

Hang personalized photos

One aspect many homeowners pay less attention to in the decorating process is the walls. In fact, they are the ones that harmoniously put together the interior and create that welcoming atmosphere every individual is looking for. An excellent way to achieve that is to hang personalized photos of you and your loved ones.

For example, gallery walls are one of the most favorite among people. They choose their most memorable photos of their family and friends and arrange them creatively on a feature wall in their living space. Some even place the photos in multicolored frames to add a touch of vibrancy to the area.

If you want to be more original with this idea, you can turn your favorite photo to puzzles of various sizes and hang the final piece in the living room. You can opt for a frame color that will be contrasting the color scheme of the space and make the puzzle become the focal point.

Add a pop of your favorite color

Another creative way to customize your home based on your personality is to add a pop of your favorite color around the space. This can be anything from painting a feature wall and implementing furniture pieces to adding decorative accessories in every room of the house.

For example, if the color palette of your living room area is rather neutral, then you can add a piece of furniture such as an armchair that will be upholstered with your favorite color. Whether it is pastel yellow or light green, implementing such an element to the space will certainly breathe new life into the area.

If you want to add color in a more subtle way, then you can do that by embellishing your interior with smaller decorative items. For example, if you are into green, you can add lots of plants in colorful vases to bring a new level of personality into your home.

5 Interior Design Tips to Personalize Your Living Space

Display your personal collections

Every individual has a hobby or interests for which you can display items to personalize your living space. Whether you are into music, traveling, plants or books, there are many unique ways you can showcase your personal preferences and likes to your visitors.

For example, if you play the guitar, you can display it on a stand or mount it on the wall as a decorative piece. This way it will always be near whenever you have guests over and want to relax by playing some of your favorite songs.

Or, if you like listening to phonograph records, then you can display them in a cube storage organizer or in a mid-century modern media console to create your very own musical nook right there in the living room.

If you are into traveling, then decorate your living room shelves with all of your mementos you have bought from all the places you have visited.

Share your talent

A very unique way to customize your favorite spaces in the house is to decorate them with items you have created yourself. From scented candles to repurposing old furniture pieces, you have the opportunity to use your own skills and personalize your home so that it will be a true reflection of your talents.

For example, creating homemade aromatherapy candles has become a very popular crafting choice among homeowners. Not only are they a beautiful decorative piece for any room of the house, but such scented candles will fill your home with an aroma that will be characteristic for you.

Another crafting idea many people indulge themselves in is decorating plant pots or vases. For example, if you like to draw, then you can decorate your glass vases however you like using different colors to match the rest of your decor. Fill them up with beautiful flowers and share your talent with your visitors.

Introduce different patterns

If you are an eccentric person who likes experimenting with interior design, then incorporating different patterns into your home is an excellent way to do that. In fact, this is a very common decorating method especially in monotone and lifeless decors that are basically begging for a touch of boldness and vibrancy.

In most cases, homeowners choose to introduce patterns through their living room pillows and throws. For example, people usually add cushions in different sizes and distinct designs that all work together to create a harmonious unity in the space.

Another popular way to introduce patterns is to add a rug that will either match or contrast the other patterns in the room. For example, if your pillows have triangular designs, then you can opt for a rug that has the same prints and in similar colors, so it will blend nicely in the living space.

Final thoughts

It’s no secret that decorating a home takes some time and dedication. However, the best way to create that perfect ambience and welcoming feeling is to personalize your decor based on your preferences and likes. Whether it is a gallery wall of several family photos or decorative items such as scented candles and musical instruments, there are plenty of ways how you can show off your personality to your guests.

In case you need inspiration, you can always borrow some of the interior design tips mentioned in this post and use them as a guide to customize your place however you want. 

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