How to Design a Small Bathroom

How to Design a Small Bathroom

Designing a bathroom isn’t a simple task. You need to get your leaking toilet fixed. Then apply your knowledge and construction skills to do it perfectly. However, if you don’t have the skills, it doesn’t mean you can’t design a small bathroom.

On the internet, you can find numerous luxury bathroom designs. You can look for a favorable design and use it to turn your bathroom into an attractive and elegant bathroom.

In a small bathroom, space is a significant factor to consider. Whatever designs you will opt to use, remember to consider the space.

In this guide, we shall take you through various design options worth considering.

Let’s get started:

  1. Use Light Colors

When designing a bathroom, this is one of the best ideas to put into consideration. This will be vital in a bathroom having many built-in features.

In the bathroom, the light colors will open the space and provide you a breathing space.

  1. Use a Medicine Cabinet Above Your Toilet

The small bathroom allows you to hang your medicine cabinet above your toilet. This is an excellent design option rather than having sizeable built-in cabinetry.

A medicine cabinet allows you to have decent storage, and putting it above the toilet will be out of your way. You will have a space to add a mirror that will reflect the light in the bathroom and make it feel bigger.

  1. Use a Single Sink

Designing a small room is tricky because there is no enough space. However, for a small bathroom, at least use a single sink to help you increase the counter space.

Realistically, most homeowners will use the counter space over the sink when getting ready.

  1. Install Open Shelving

In the small bathroom, you want to design, install the open shelves. These are virtual spaces you can use to store your towels, toilet papers, and other essentials.

The reason to have open storage is that it makes the shelves simple and affordable. If you move pretty things into these open shelves, you will have created more space in the bathroom design.

  1. Use a Soaking Tub

You can create a tub space by using this soaking tub. A soaking tab such as one with 19-inches depth will provide you a luxurious soak. It is advantageous because it won’t take more of your precious space.

  1. Create a Usable Space

Creating a usable space will depend on your bathroom’s layout. However, you can opt for a half-wall tub ledge, and it will be wonderful.

The ledge will be below your eye level; therefore, it won’t feel like it will take up space. Moreover, it will offer you a place to put the candles.

  1. Use Tiles Up to the Ceiling

In a small bathroom, much of your problem is the space. To make it feel large, use the tiles from the floor, through the wall to the ceiling. This will add a feeling of height. Besides, the tiles draw your attention from how the walls are close.

Summing up, to make your small bathroom design comfortable and successful, keep it simple.

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