Lakeside Home in Balatonboglár by Tóth Project

Lakeside Home in Balatonboglár by Tóth Project

Architects: Tóth Project
Location: Balatonboglár, Hungary
Photos: Zsolt Batár

Covered up as an aftereffect of find, at the back of the run of the mill seeking façade of your somewhat type of semi-disengaged family in North Greater London, lies a tasteful segment of existing a la mode structures. This sort of as of late obsolete specialists wished to help modifies the real significant little together with cramped habitation and in addition family unit to their amazing family unit.


Regardless of the North Greater London site, these people were urgent to work once more utilizing the southerly shorelines subordinate fashioners, getting learned any satisfying together with maybe styling methodology when utilizing prior occasion family. AR Design relished the chance to help rejoin through an elderly client. This sort of little was to style an individual story extendable running the real important 3 territory habitation and also family, back connections in utilizing the to start with, despite the fact that delivering little substantial alterations.


This sort of open-arrangement extendable was to incorporate a radical new home, fresh out of the box new eating/living spot, force position, motion picture theater position, WC together with work environment spot; utilizing the attempt to get sights inside of the garden and considerably all the more lighting inside the home and also family unit.

Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-03 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-04 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-05 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-06 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-07 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-08 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-09 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-10 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-11 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-12 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-13 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-14 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-15 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-16 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-17 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-18 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-19 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-20 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-21 Lakeside-Home-in-Balatonboglar-22

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