How Does an Air Cooler Work? Here’s All You Need to Know

How Does an Air Cooler Work? Here’s All You Need to Know


Air Cooler or seldom called evaporative cooler is just the thing you need to beat the hot summer heat.   As the name suggests, evaporation is the key process involved in making your room a more suitable place to live in.

Running an air cooler can be the best choice when the below-mentioned conditions are met.

  • Room Ventilation

The room should have proper ventilation since it helps in moving moisture and keep the air cool.

  • Water

One must ensure that there is a proper flow of water, so you can avoid dry and hot airflow. It is always better to utilize ice or cold water.

  • Electric Supply

Well, electricity is quite crucial since it is the only source through which it operates.

Air cooler has three major components, which are explained below:

  • On-Site Water

What acts as the coolant for your air cooler? Yes! It is indeed water! On-site water is necessary for your air cooler as it is pumped into your cooling pads. It is important to note that if you don’t have access to site water directly, don’t force it through pipes, as it may affect other areas of the cooler.

  • Vents

This outlet consists of a fan, which pulls the air through cooling pads and maintains the room temperature. You can also use it just as a fan as well, wherein it does not draw water and acts as a conventional fan.

  • Distributor

This comprises of a motor and a pipe, wherein the motor continuously pumps cool water onto the cooling pads through pipes. It is necessary to pump cool water onto the cooling pads as the water should not evaporate too soon.

  • Cooling Pads

These pads serve as the main medium for cooling air, since they absorb water and allow maximum air to pass through them. These pads are either made of wood fibers or cellulose paper.


Procedural Steps – How Does A Cooler Work?

As mentioned above, the cooler works on the main principle of evaporation, which is converting liquid(water) into gas(air). When water droplets in the air come in contact with your skin, they evaporate which makes you feel cooler.


Here’s How the Cooler Works to Make Airflow Cool

  • Air Cooler should have a tank full of water and it should be connected to a power supply.
  • Now, when we turn on the cooler it starts the motor which in return pumps the water from the tank to the cooling pads through pipes connected to each cooling pad.
  • Now that cool water is already on the pads, the wooden fibers start absorbing the water. This pad has a high water-absorption capacity with a fast diffusion rate.
  • When air comes in contact with water, it becomes damp because it has absorbed water. Hence it is continuously supplying cool air.
  • Therefore, when we turn the fan on, it pulls the humid air inside through the vent, consequently cooling the air.

This is a complete guide and a procedure that explains everything you need to know about the function of an air cooler. To beat the heat, opt for ac on rent. If you are looking for a more economical option, opt for an air cooler on rent.


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