6 Fast And Easy Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen

6 Fast And Easy Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen

Your kitchen contains things that you’ve shopped for and has accumulated over time. Whether it’s edibles, appliances, homewares, cutleries, cooking pots, and pans, these things create a mess when your kitchen no longer has enough room for all of them. Take a short moment to look around, and you might see how cluttered it is. If so, you should grab the opportunity to declutter your kitchen once and for all. In this article, you will find several fast and easy ways to declutter your kitchen.

An organized and minimalistic kitchen will allow you to cook and prepare meals more efficiently. You’ll quickly know where ingredients and cookware are placed without having to go through all the unnecessary clutter each time. With a well-sorted-out kitchen, you’ll have enough room on your cupboards for things that are vital for you and your family.

Decluttering your kitchen shouldn’t be complicated as long as you follow the following convenient and easy steps:

1. Maximize Your Storage Solutions

One thing that crowds up your space is when you don’t have adequate storage management. No matter how few your things are when you lack storage, they might still look cluttered. Therefore, when decluttering your kitchen, make sure you maximize the storage solutions you currently have. From movable shelves, cupboards, and chest of drawers from RJ Living, you’ll need enough storage spaces for all your kitchen essentials. 

Check out your kitchen layout and see whether there’s still enough space to accommodate more shelves and hanging cabinets. However, ensure that there’s still plenty of room for walking and moving around your kitchen. Also, focus on improving your organization skills as this is where the cleanliness of your kitchen will depend. 

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2. Go Through All Your Food Storage Containers 

One thing you’d want to get rid of is food storage containers that are damaged or have missing pieces. Don’t keep any jars, lunch boxes, or containers without lids. Inspect for any damage on them and decide whether they can be donated, thrown away, or still be used.

Also, it’s essential to limit the number of containers that you would realistically need or use. The kitchen can quickly become cluttered with unused food storage containers. Therefore, learn to let go of those that are unused.

3. Don’t Overstock On Extras And Spares 

Depending on the number of people in your home, keeping enough household items is advisable to accommodate the entire family. For example, you may leave some extra utensils for guests, but ensure that it’s not too much, as this will only lead to more clutter. The same rule applies to food items and edibles.

People often collect more mugs, chinaware, and cutleries than they need but are reluctant to let them go, thinking they can still be helpful. However, this is not the case. It’s key to stock a little more for when you have guests or as a replacement in case anything gets shattered, but make sure that your spares can be well-kept in your cupboards without compromising room. 

Organizing your pantry allows you to let go of the things that have already gone beyond their shelf life in your kitchen.

6 Fast And Easy Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen
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4. Avoid Collecting Takeout Utensils

You may be guilty of having countless takeout utensils from each time you buy food deliveries. Over time, these will all add up and create clutter in your kitchen. It’s pointless to store small, disparate items, and they take up more space than they’re worth. So, next time you order food online, choose to leave out food takeout utensils.    

5. Declutter Your Fridge 

Another critical place to declutter is your refrigerator. Chances are there might still be food, leftovers, ingredients, and fresh produce that have been staying in the fridge for quite a long time. It’s best to eliminate all the spoiled foods and review all the current items’ expiration dates in your fridge. 

One effective strategy to keep your fridge free of spoiled foods is to apply the “first in and first out” rule. Check out all the food items taking up space in your fridge, and remove those that are no longer edible or usable. Organize your fridge this way, and you’ll have better control of the things inside this essential box.  

6. Segregate Your Appliances 

Cooking tasks can be done easier with the help of kitchen appliances and tools. Small kitchens, however, may make them more challenging to store, making them more of a hassle than a convenience. Try to keep and invest in appliances that come with multiple purposes and use so you can save space in your kitchen. Look for equipment in your kitchen that are no longer used or are damaged, and look for ways to dispose of them properly, like donating or selling them in junkyards.


In summary, decluttering your kitchen is not a much difficult task. It’s a necessary chore that can be done easily and quickly with the tips mentioned above. Remember always to prioritize use and function when it comes to keeping things in your kitchen and learn to let go of those no longer serving their use. We hope that these 6 fast and easy ways to declutter your kitchen will help you in the future.

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