House in Vitacura by Izquierdo Lehmann

House in Vitacura by Izquierdo Lehmann

Architects: Izquierdo Lehmann
Location: Santiago, Chile
Year: 2012
Area: 10,580 sqft
Photo courtesy: Roland Halbe

A big house for a wealthy senior couple and the gathering of their numerous family, placed on top of a hill, as a belvedere commanding magnificent views over the Andes mountains surrounding Santiago and the city valley below.


The living rooms, dining room, kitchen, and a bedroom wing were placed in one flat floor, along with the entrance patio and garage, at the upper part of the site. A basement beneath the main floor contains a playroom and an interior pool at a lower side of the site, with views in south direction over the city valley. At the same level but in front of the main floor extended pavillion was placed an exterior pool and a barbecue lounge, in circular patio open towards the east to the great mountain chain view. This terrace is partly roofed by a flat semi-circular lawn which forms a garden plan in front of the house main floor pavillion, as a belvedere.


The building is made of fine finished beige tinted concrete, exposed at the exterior and insulated on the white painted interiors. It was made using a patented building method of our own, consisting of prefabricated structural wall panels that integrate a rigid structural wired cage and lightweight plywood forms that are fastened directly to it.

House-in-Vitacura-03 House-in-Vitacura-04 House-in-Vitacura-05 House-in-Vitacura-06 House-in-Vitacura-07 House-in-Vitacura-08 House-in-Vitacura-09 House-in-Vitacura-10 House-in-Vitacura-11 House-in-Vitacura-12 House-in-Vitacura-13 House-in-Vitacura-14 House-in-Vitacura-15 House-in-Vitacura-16 House-in-Vitacura-17 House-in-Vitacura-18 House-in-Vitacura-19 House-in-Vitacura-20

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