Mansion in London by Harrison Varma

Mansion in London by Harrison Varma

Architects: Harrison Varma
Location: London, United Kingdom
Area: 16,300 sqft
Photos: Harrison Varma
Owner: Mesut Ozil

With a specific end goal to feel at home, Ozil purchased himself another breathtaking den situated in the heart of London. Mesut Ozil has turned into the third most costly marking in the British football history. He took after Fernando Torres who joined Chel from Liverpool for 50m in 2011, and Carlos Tevez, who cost Manchester City £45m. The 25-year old football player concurred a five-year contract with Arsenal for a measure of £150,000 a week, in addition to rewards.


“We are extremely pleased to have signed Mesut Ozil,”, said Arsenal’s coach Arsène Wenger. “He is a great player, with proven quality at both club and international level. We have watched and admired him for some time as he has all the attributes I look for in an Arsenal player.”


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